De Gillende Keukenprins and his one man show


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De Gillende Keukenprins Foto| Michel Mölder


Mrs. Mokum


By| Rosa


A guy sits behind a cute little stove, packed with all kinds of random ingredients like Heinz white beans in tomato sauce, sugar and milk. The guy seems like a bit of a strange man. His waiter-like clothes give him a clean look, but on top of that is a head with black 50’s rock’n roll hair. Performer Bram Graafland goes by the moniker De Gillende Keukenprins (‘The Yelling Kitchen Prince’), and honours this stage name in every way.


You know the show starts when the rock’n roll-haired man marks his territory with flower, to separate the audience from his ’stage’. He takes place behind his stove, and soon you’ll discover that his stove is not just a stove. Hidden in it’s kitchen-appearance is a drumset, organ with a build-in loop station, allowing the prince to make really great beats and compelling rhythms right from the start.


Almost like a love confession, he asked someone in the audience – and only that one person – if he’s allowed to make a pancake for that person. With this person’s approval he contently goes on with his music and beats while head banging, using pots and pans as drums. The prince brilliantly combines cooking with music by, for example, using words as butter and milk for random and fun songs he plays while cooking, having his entire audience scream: ‘butter!’. From the start of the show until the end he acts like a sarcastic dick. Not mean, but funny in a sarcastic dick way. In between now and the end a lot of fun stuff happens, which you have to see for yourself. The most important part is: In the end that one chosen person gets a deliciously looking (and smelling) pancake!


I loved watching “The Yelling Kitchen Prince”! He connects with his audience by making everything he does on stage relatable and personal. But most of all this show just gives you a really happy feeling. The stove is a genius innovation, the first time I saw it I was blown away! I think one of the most fun parts of the show is that this mysterious man only needs his little stove. He always puts on his show outside, so he doesn’t even have lights and sound effects. I think this  makes the whole experience very simple, but even more genius.


I think it’s really inspiring to see someone so talented in so many ways going all crazy in such a controlled and beautiful way. This show is definitely a must-see, and a very entertaining one too! If you are looking for something fun, inspiring and almost like a little slice of a feelgood movie you should definitely go see this. This is one of the best one man shows I have ever seen (If it isn’t the very best). And who knows; maybe you will even get a nice, warm pancake from this prince behind his magical stove!